A Little Intro, Traveling + Credit Cards 101

When looking to find that perfect travel credit card the first question to ask is What type of travel will I be doing?

  1. Why Will You Be Traveling?

    • Will you be traveling for business?
    • Or will you be traveling for personal reasons?
  2. Where Will You Be Traveling to?

    • Are you going to stay inside America?
    • Or are you thinking of focusing on more international europe/asia style traveling?
  3. What city will you be flying out of on a regualar basis?

    [if you are flying out of Chicago, a rewards card connected with United may be a great idea.  If you are flying out of Dallas then southwest may be better.]
  4. What is your credit score?

    • If you have a medium to higher quality credit score then finding a good travel credit card should be quite doable.
    • If you are stuck with an absymal credit score, chances are finding a quality rewards card may be quite difficult.

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Have a good day.  And remember, saving money with a good rewards card really is possible.  Look here at how The Million Dollar Journey gives a good review of somerewards cards for Canadians.…

3 Of The Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards For Spring 2012

The new year has come around and it is time to start planning for those next vacations/trips. Thankfully there are a couple different types of rewards cards that you can use to help save a little for those trips.

  1. Capital One Venture Rewards Card

    If you are looking for a general all purpose rewards card [for international travel] then this card is a good fit. There is no foreign transaction fee. Also, this card is issued through Visa so it should be widely accepted. This card is very flexible as it allows you to use your earned miles with almost any airline.

    If you want more info check out their Redeem Easily page.

  2. Chase Freedom MasterCard

    This is another good travel rewards card, it has 10,000 bonus sign up miles and no annual fee. Almost all types of purchases qualify for rewards but there is a 3% foreign transaction fee. This a good card if you are going to focus on traveling within the US or if you are planning to use a different card when traveling internationally.

    The Downside is that this isn’t a travel specific card and all reward points are given as cash back. This card is a good rewards card and will offer flexibility in giving you rewards for everyday and travel purchases. At the same time it is not travel specific and if you are looking for a card specific for flights or hotels then this card will not be your top choice.

    More information can be found here.

  3. The Southwest Rapid Rewards Card

    If you commonly fly southwest then this may be a great card for you. After your first purchase you recieve 25,000 bonus miles which is enough for a free flight within the US. You receive the 2 points per dollar spent on Southwest flights and 1 point for other purchases. There is a $69 annual fee but it is not too to earn more dollars in points than the annual fee. At 1 point per dollar spent you need to spend $6900 per year to make up for the annual fee. There is a yearly bonus of 3000 miles that can be used for a $50 economy fare.

    This is a good card if you already fly southwest alot and plan to stick to purchases within the US.

Hilton HHonors Visa Signature Card [via Citi]

  1. Benefits

    • Get 40,000 bonus points after spending 1k within the first 4 months after the account has been opened
    • Recieve 6 holton HHonors bonus points for each $1 spent at participaint hotles
    • Reiceve 3 Hilton HHonors for each $1 spent at selectr super markets, drug stores, and gas stations.
    • Receive 2 hilton HHonors bous points
    • No annual fee
  2. Drawbacks

    • Requires purchases at Hilton hotels to redeem points.
  3. APR [Aprox]

    • aprox 15%
  4. Credit Score Required

    • Excellent
  5. Annual Fee

    • $0
  6. Editor’s comments

    • With the $0 annual fee an increased rewards on food and gasoline purchases this car can be a very practical way to rack up rewards.  With that being said one must be sure that they are going to have the opportunity to go to Hilton properties to redeem such rewards.

Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card

  1. Benefits

    • Receive 30,000 bonus miles after spending $500 on the card in the first 3 months.
    • Priority boarding and 20% in flight savings combined with a free first bag
    • Receive double the miles for Delta purchases and 1 mile on other qualifying purchases.
    • Annual fee is waived for the first year
  2. Drawbacks

    • Annual fee $95 [after 1st year]
    • Flights must be with Delta
  3. APR [Aprox]

    • aprox 15%-20%
  4. Credit Score Required

    • Excellent
  5. Annual Fee

    • $95
  6. Editor’s comments

    • Delta has rather large number of international and domestic flights.  If you are looking for a card what you can use augment your current delta travel and international travel plans then this might be a good card for you.  With the $95 annual fee you must be sure that you will be making enough qualifying purchases to make the card profitable.