A Little Intro, Traveling + Credit Cards 101

When looking to find that perfect travel credit card the first question to ask is What type of travel will I be doing?

  1. Why Will You Be Traveling?

    • Will you be traveling for business?
    • Or will you be traveling for personal reasons?
  2. Where Will You Be Traveling to?

    • Are you going to stay inside America?
    • Or are you thinking of focusing on more international europe/asia style traveling?
  3. What city will you be flying out of on a regualar basis?

    [if you are flying out of Chicago, a rewards card connected with United may be a great idea.  If you are flying out of Dallas then southwest may be better.]
  4. What is your credit score?

    • If you have a medium to higher quality credit score then finding a good travel credit card should be quite doable.
    • If you are stuck with an absymal credit score, chances are finding a quality rewards card may be quite difficult.

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Have a good day.  And remember, saving money with a good rewards card really is possible.  Look here at how The Million Dollar Journey gives a good review of somerewards cards for Canadians.